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| An interactive page WITH VIDEOS |

That allows your followers to:

✨ Better understand you and your story

✨ Experience 'the experience' before visiting

✨ Engage with you online - spend more time watching your videos 

👉🏽 Increase your odds of new clients visiting your business and/or investing in your product from social media.

Let me show you how in 3 steps 🤓

1. Understand the beast of Instagram

   Utilizing Instagram as the direct link to clients is a vital component to your company's success in 2017. 

If Instagram isn't currently one of your priorities for story-telling & connecting with clients online, you may want to rethink your strategy. ✨ More attention is spent online, scrolling and engaging with businesses on Instagram & Facebook, than anywhere else in 2017. That's nuts. 

2. Add Videography to your page

that won't break your bank & will give you a solid return on your investment

The goal is to deliver quality content fast and consistently. Most videographers take 1-2 weeks to edit, and charge hundreds of dollars, whereas my strategy is to produce each video within 24 hours on the cheap! It's all about giving people a window into your brand that's authentic and feels as if it’s in real-time. Consistently.

Anyone can post 'basic aesthetic photos' & make their Instagram look tasteful, sexy, sleek, etc. However, only posting photos of your product gives your followers a more shallow look inside your business.

Video of what's happening at your business (an actual look inside the experience clients have with you), is more meaningful and creates engagement. 

Here are a few more examples to show the difference - photos vs. storytelling

3. Start sharing your STORY

Your story, as an influencer or business, is unique to anyone else. It's important you share that every day so people feel a part of your journey. I focus most of my energy into content creation and teaching you/your social media manager how to use outreach as an asset - making your business as human and real as possible.

What's the Goal?

What assistance do you need?

🎥 Video Production

  1.  Short-Informative Video: 30-40 second video to show environment, people, services & products. Multiple shots are edited to music. 
  2. Creative Story Line: 60 second video to tell a meaningful story. Voice over and/or music is used with multiple shots to tell detailed story. 

📲 Consistent Content Creation

I'll create engaging content unique to your brand. Daily or weekly. And feed that content to you or your social media manager, and show you the strategies you can use to increase interaction online with potential clients (through hashtags, tagging, scheduling, outreach, giveaways, etc.)

 👥 Boost Online Reviews

Struggling with online reviews?  I'll show you how to implement a proven strategy that will help you connect so well with your clients, they'll feel inspired to leave you a review when they get home. I'll help you create positive incentives to boost morale, reviews, and conversion rates!

Whether you're looking for a video ad or need consistent content created, I can help. 

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