Who Can Protect Their Ego Best Bullshit

Arguing with the people I love makes no sense to me. Life is too short.

I caught myself arguing with a family member today and I left feeling so angry by the words she said. Both of us were not compassionate, we were only thinking of ourselves, and we were getting no where fast. We're human but it was this game of 'who can protect their ego and hurt the other person first' bullshit. Yuck!

I know Self Awareness was the key, but in that moment, my ego took over and I let my emotions get the best of me.

Here's how I see it: If you know in that exact moment, when shit is coming at you, who you are, how you feel, and where you stand, you will be able to tell the other person how you feel without playing to your ego. Most arguments are caused from genuine feelings of anger, sadness, frustration, or pain. And instead being vulnerable and saying 'hey, that hurts, can you please not say/do that? Let me know what I can do, too,' we enter this duel of 'who can protect their ego the best.'

It's pointless and doesn't do anything good for our mind or body. 

Reflecting on today, if I could have heard the thing she said to me that hurt me, stopped, thought about how it made me feel AND expressed that to her calmly, I am sure we would have been in much better shape (she would have seen me as a human being rather than an ego). Instead, I heard what she said, immediately responded with something I knew would hurt her back, and I was angry because I let her words define who I was in that moment. I am better than that. She is better than that. I don't want to treat the people I love that way if I can help it. 

Food for thought. Another way I can use self awareness to be a happier and better person. 

How do you deal with these situations? Leave a comment below.


Olivia Reed