The Summit Of Greatness - Leaving The Magic

Feeling like a child on a bus back from summer camp, leaving new friends to return home. I can’t remove my eyes from my window; staring at the clouds, I replay the sweet memories and dream of my journey to come.

I’m emotional on the plane back to California today. Leaving so many loving, beautiful, and inspiring human beings is making my heart flutter. I can feel it in my chest. 

I caught myself even feeling a little somber, noticing I'm back in "the real world" at the airport…

People around me are rushing.

They’re complaining and blaming.

But mostly, they are hurting.

I can see now.

It’s like I’ve left Hogwarts and all of it’s magic and have returned to dullness (in comparison to how alive SOG made me feel).

I want to go back to salsa dancing, free hugs, stories of gratitude, and the dabbing drummer boy. I’m going to miss those beating-in-your-heart drums to start my day.

Closing my eyes, and taking a slow deep breath, I can't help but feel immense gratitude for all that I’ve gained.

This weekend was life changing.

I was feeling disenchanted with people before coming to this Summit of Greatness, and the crazy part is, I love people. I love to love people. It's my favorite thing in the world.

I fell into a routine of going through the motions, feeling uninspired by uninspired people, reflecting back what they showed me.

I lost my energy to put love into things that didn't want to love me; that realization of my lack of connection, paired with feelings I got when people wanted to connect deeply and put their love and energy into me, was soul food.

I cried a lot there.

My eyes would water every time Lewis or another speaker would stand on stage, completely transparent and vulnerable, and pour his love and greatness into the souls of strangers.

I felt as if each speaker was talking directly to me and genuinely cared and loved me.

I glowed with gratitude.

This was a powerful feeling for me because I hadn't felt that much connection from people outside of my circle in a long time. A genuine “I see you. I hear you. I feel you” connection.

God gifted me with new friends, two of which I hope become 'old friends.' These people gave me so much, in so little time, and for that I feel full. He also gifted me a refreshed outlook on what it means to love myself and others.

Today, will be full of reflection - writing freely about my feelings, fears, and goals, and choosing dates to decide when things will happen. I am ready to really push myself outside of my comfort zone. 

The burning inspiration I have in this current moment is something I never want to lose. I have big dreams, and excitement of what I can do to truly help people - to love people.

I have excitement for all of the people who attended this event, and am rooting for each and every one of you to accomplish your dreams. I want you to win, I want us all to win!

I want to send the most loving thank you and I love you to all of the wonderful people I connected with this weekend. Without you, my experience wouldn’t have been as rich.

And the greatest thanks to Lewis Howes for creating the most moving event – you are so special with your ability to connect people together to work towards their greatest potential and being. 

What's next?:

  • Stay in contact with the Greats I made strong connections with - establish accountability.
  • Establish new goals and set dates for accomplishment.
  • Incorporate new things I learned from SOG - more raw foods, active meditation, and love for humanity.
  • Find my purpose: What can I do to help & love people? 

If you are interested in experiencing the Summit of Greatness for yourself, visit

Tickets are on sale now - You won't regret it! I'll be there <3

Olivia Reed