Starting the Day with a Grateful Heart

Lately I’ve been making it a priority to express my gratitude out loud. It’s made my days more meaningful and enjoyable.

I think of all the little things, like my car that gets me to work everyday, my phone that lets me call my loved ones, and my bed that I love sleeping in so much. And all of the major things like my job that provides so much opportunity, my dog Bella who brings me endless joy, and my best friend and mother who continues to support and love me no matter what.

Today I am most grateful for:

My health – I feel so happy that I have legs to run, jump, and move. I have eyes that are working and allow me to see the things in front of me. And listening to music, watching videos, and conversing with people that I love, I couldn't imagine life without all of this!

A positive mind – I often wake up happy. Genuinely happy and ready to enjoy the day. This is a gift, it makes my whole day.

My family -  My parents and boyfriend love me unconditionally and having people to support me makes life rich. I love that I am learning how to be a better person around them and I am learning more of what it’s like to be selfless and care for others.


Life is so good. How could I ever complain about petty things?


Olivia Reed