Some Kind of Wonderful

I love watching artists perform live. The feeling of the bass and the drums, pounding through my heart, makes me feel alive. There's nothing like it.

Yesterday, I went to the Allen Stone concert in Rohnert Park. Man, was he some kind of wonderful.

With his long curly blonde hair, red Coke hat, Pittsburg Stealers shirt, holy jeans, and converse, he opened with "Be whoever you want to be tonight. If you want to dance, dance. If you want to run 100 yard dashes in the parking lot, run. Feel comfortable, tonight, to be you." Ha! I loved that. He made every one just feel good. There's no better word to describe it.

His smile reflected and caused a chain reaction to everyone in the crowd. His energy radiated through the venue. He had this ear-to-ear smile that never left his lips. His outlook on life was so positive and it inspired me to be kind and happy.

His music was so uplifting and warm. He had everyone in the crowd come together, to open up our arms and join the people next to us. We swayed left to right to his music.

Being in a crowd of people, who are full of love and joy, feeling connected to Allen, was refreshing. This is the feeling I chase and the reason I love the taste of live music. Thank you Allen Stone for being you. You're show was a true gift!


Olivia Reed