Protect your Happiness

I've stopped watching the news and looking into negative stories online. From sad dying dog videos of Facebook, to murder stories on CNN, I don't want to see it. The media feeds off negativity and drama and I don't want to associate myself with that. It's not that I want to be ignorant to what's happening in the world, but I find myself feeling more afraid than hopeful... And I want to protect my happiness. We've got to! 

I decided to go the same route with my Instagram account. I am on this platform the most and want to make it a place where I am inspired and uplifted. So I choose to only follow people who are trying to better themselves and create the best life for themselves. A few friends, but predominantly people who have been successful in their career by helping others.

I think it's important that we constantly analyze our environment to see what we can do to make it the best fit for who we are trying to be.

We all know, a rose can't grow in the dark.

Olivia Reed