"Personal Accountability Requires Mindfulness, Acceptance, Honesty, And Courage"

I’m starting to feel really committed to writing these blogs. Holding myself accountable to posting one every day is good for my self esteem. It makes me feel good knowing that I am sticking to something and taking it one day at a time. It’s also interesting to have journals to look back at and read, but also know that strangers may be reading. (Eeeeek!)

Missing a few blogs when I was in Mexico made me feel like I gave up or even let myself down. It’s showing me a lot about my personality; when I commit to something, whether it’s a workout regimen, a diet plan, or being a team leader at work, I have to follow through with my word. Anything I sign up for or tell myself I am going to do, I have to give it a solid attempt or I feel like I cheated myself.


Olivia Reed