Creating a Positive Environment for a Positive Mind


Today was awesome. This morning, I was able to get everything I needed to done that makes me feel good about myself. I went to the gym, did my laundry, prayed, said all of the things I am grateful for today, and told the people I love how much I value them. It was wonnnderrrrful!

For the rest of my day, I felt super self loving and alive. I had so much energy and love for the people and things around me. And it's funny because when people  notice that I'm feeling that way and tell me they love it, my mood grows even more grateful. It's the best feeling in the world. I love to love. lol

For the last month, these pictures have been the backgrounds on my phone.

Something so small has had a huge impact on me. It reminds me everyday to practice gratitude, compassion, and self love. I've been trying to surround myself with my goals (on my bathroom mirror, in my phone, and in all the places I visit often) so that I am constantly reminded of who I am trying to become so that I take action towards it. 

Here's the thing - I want to love every single day. If I don't work on becoming better everyday, and being kind to myself and others, I don't want to live. Life wouldn't feel the same.

For learning this belief, I feel proud of myself. It's taken me some time to get where I am. I am still working on many things and have a long journey ahead, but I am sincerely grateful for who I am today. God continues to amaze me.

Olivia Reed