One Hundred Fifty Days

I am counting down the days until I leave for Australia. I can't wait to be in a big city, with different people, new places to explore, and to be out of my comfort zone... I just want to go!

I day dream about it. The excitement the night before the long plane ride (I probably won't be able to sleep), the anticipation of seeing the country from above for the first time, and of course hearing those damn Aussie accents (i've already begun saying "Mel-bin." Ha!) But truly, I am going to be so freaking pumped to start this new journey, I can taste it.

Though I'm stoked for the beaches, bars, and fun stuff, I am most eager for the opportunities I am going to create for myself living there. I want to help people and establish my career. I want to push myself past my fears and try all of the things I've always been curious about.

That's why I am genuinely starting to work on myself and hone in on what I want to do with my life. It is so important for me to put in the time to work on building the foundation of my dreams now, so when I get there, I'll have done the work I needed to on myself and I'll be in an area better suited for what I want to do. Hard work + right mindset + right place + right time.

Ah! Rereading this gives me a rush. Life is good. So much opportunity.


Olivia Reed