My First Bachelorette Party

Day 3 of 42 and blogging strong. lol It's 10:47 pm and I definitely should have been asleep by now. I have to be up at 5:00 am to start my vacation... What a rough life I have! Haha My best friend Jamie is getting married and her 12 bridesmaids are celebrating her bachelorette getaway weekend in Cabo San Lucas. #JamiesFinalFiesta. Yes, I said 12 bridesmaids! I keep replaying that scene in Bridesmaids when they're on the plane. Lol "There's a colonial woman on the wing."

Anyways, i'm really excited though because Jamie went all out (she's kind of the definition of go big or go home) - she created matching bride and bridesmaid t-shirts for us, her sister has surprise gifts for us all in the morning (which I am sure will be totally cute and pinteresty), we're toasting to mimosa's at 6:30 am, having brunch with drinks at the airport at 9 am, we're going snorkeling tomorrow... 

Sometimes I have to pinch myself and remember how blessed I am to have these opportunities. Being young, having fewer responsibilities, and being able to go on big trips with all of my girlfriends is something I will always cherish. Having the funds and freedom to do this is AWESOME. I just want to soak in this feeling before life goes so quickly and things change. lol Say no to children. JK...

Peace out, be back to blog tomorrow. XOXO


Olivia Reed