Must. Blog. Today. Listening to Seth Godin.

I have decided to blog everyday for 6 weeks. I just finished watching Seth Godin on Creative Live with Chase Jarvis. Seth, who has been considered one of the best marketers on the planet, recommended that people try blogging everyday. He has said, "Blogging every day clarifies my thoughts -- it helps me notice things. It’s one of the most important practices of my profession.” 

I have been trying to figure out what I want to do with my life. Okay, stopping for a second to read what I just typed... I sound so dramatic! Hahaha this exercise is already proving to be helpful. To see my thoughts written in front of me is kinda weird/kinda scary/but relaxing.

Anyways, I recently recreated social media accounts for myself, again - I deleted them to focus on the accounts I was managing for work and one day realized, "how can I be a 'social mediast' if I don't have my own social media to tell my story?" So, I am back in the game. Everything is going fine and well until I hit this oh shit moment of "oh my God, who am I? How do I show who I am online" moment.

I have been finding myself searching and analyzing people's profiles all day and comparing myself to the people who are doing things similar to what I want to do, without even realizing I was doing it. It has been stressful; I have been asking myself all of the wrong questions. It was today that I heard myself out loud and read these words that I am typing that I learned I am thinking too much about ME and not enough about the people who I want to help. My ego, of how I look and sound, is getting in the way of helping people. It's selfish.

My ultimate goal: help people to connect with their audience by telling their story effectively on social media platforms, to enhance business. 

What I have been doing: trying to figure out ways to look qualified, popular, and likable online so that people will like me and want to follow me.

I have been too worried about what others will think about me, about how inadequate my content will be compared to a specialist, etc, to post things that will help people. Because I am letting myself get in the way.

Seth talks about life as a game of unlimited bowling. Rolling the ball down the middle all the time becomes boring. I want to risk rolling the ball 100 ways to hit the pins. 

Thanks Seth, cheers to 6 weeks of blogging.


Below is the video I watched today - check it out! To read a quick article about why Seth blogs, click here.


Olivia Reed