Moving to Australia

Well! We did it. We finally moved to Australia.

This was an idea we had back in March of this year and after a few months of planning, the day has finally come. I am living in a foreign country (that is so weird to say.)

I don't think it's really hit me yet, but it feels very humbling. I never knew it was possible to pick up, leave the country you've lived in your whole life, and live/work abroad just because you feel like it. 

For anyone who follows my story, or reads my blog from time to time, I thought I would post this to update you on what I have been up to...

I haven't been blogging as much as I originally planned because I've finally begun vlogging - in a previous post, I talk about wanting to start a vlog (a video blog - aka I film myself talking rather than writing paragraphs). I kept putting it off because I was too afraid to post myself talking and felt writing was a little less "personal." Vlogging is completely different from blogging and is a lot more vulnerable, I think. 

I originally added this blog to my website to challenge myself to write everyday for 6 weeks (thanks to the incredible Seth Godin). Blogging helped with my self confidence, and helped me gather my thoughts and organize them on paper. I was able to think more clearly and consciously about important topics. 

After those 6 weeks, I decided I wanted to continue posting. I found myself only blogging when I felt I had something meaningful to say (about once or twice a week). Now I have this urge to talk to people through video rather than through typed words on a computer screen... It's crazy how the things you put out into the universe eventually happen when it's the right time.

I have this "go for it/ say yes to everything" attitude since moving to Australia; I have some exciting things happening and I'm learning valuable information that I want to share with you.

Figuring out new ways to tell my story through video is something I am really excited about doing and I'd love for you to experience too. This "video your life" thing is all very new to me and I am definitely in the experimental phase - Do I continue to keep this website to post each blog as a vlog? Lol Or do I solely use Youtube? No idea. It'll come to me. But for now, here is the first episode of my traveling series on Youtube. 

Cheers to chasing my dreams & facing my fears! 

Olivia Reed