Morning Routines Set The Foundation Of Your Day

I have always been pretty OCD and have felt more comfortable having a routine. When I was younger, it was getting ready for school. I would go over a list in my head: hair, teeth, face, q-tip, deodorant, perfume. Every morning it was in that same order, and I would say the check-list out loud, when I finished, to make sure I didn't forget anything.  Naturally, I like order. (Clearly Lol!)

Now that I have completed college, am working 40+ hours a week, and am working towards building my personal brand, I'm learning that routine is key. Time management is everything and if I do not make time for each thing that is meaningful to me, I'm pissed. I know that I have the same 24 hours that everyone else has and it's up to me to make sure that I make the time for what is important. For my mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health and self love.

My routine sets the entire mood for my day. I wake up at 6:50 am, workout for an hour, write a blog, pray and say what I am grateful for, and get ready for work. I feel like I am able to express myself, connect with God, and give my body the exercise and nutrition that it needs. All of these things make me feel whole and give me energy.

I'd say the biggest challenge for me, lately, is waking up early so I have time to do these things. I usually press snooze once, or even twice, because I love my sleep. Straight up, it's exciting to jump into my bed after a long day. Some mornings I am bursting with energy and just pop out of bed, others take me a little more time to crawl out.

So, when I wake up at 7:45 am (like I did this morning) and I have officially cut into my 'me time' and have to put things off until later, I get frustrated with myself. I'm human and I am sure there will be another day like today, but I would really like to make my routine a serious habit. I am experiencing both moods (the one after my routine, and the one after failing to commit to my routine) and I much rather put in the time to be good to myself. This is becoming most valuable to me.

What routine do you practice every day?

Olivia Reed