The New Wave - my Dear Friend's Art Journey


People want to feel. They want to connect with a story and feel a part of something greater than themselves. 

I went to my friend Beau's first art show in Monterey tonight. 'New Wave: An Aquatic Exhibition' featured 18 talented, up-and-coming artists on the Monterey Peninsula, and Beau was 1 of 6 chosen to speak about his work. 

Each artist who spoke about his work had something unique about him. From his demeanor, to his style, and of course his art, each were very different. Some we're quiet and rather shy, and some we're more colorful with personality. I was most proud of Beau and how he chose to talk about his art. Instead of telling the crowd how he painted each painting, or what supplies he used, he told his story. How losing his independence, from being so sick that he could not walk, gave him the inspiration to paint his feelings on a canvas... He closed with "If there is something you want to do with your life, don't wait for something terrible to happen to you." 

After he was done speaking, he didn't have a single moment to himself. So many people we're coming up to him to shake his hand and tell him how much they admired his work and his story.

AH! It gives me chills just thinking about it. The way he connected with people through vulnerability was art in itself. It was beautiful. It was inspiring to witness his process of finding himself, painting each canvas one by one, working long hours to build his vision, and to finally be in front of strangers, telling his story of how he got to this exact day, and watching people fall in love with who he's become.


This was one of the paintings Beau chose to display in the exhibition.

"Summer Heart."

To check out more of Beau's art, check out his website


Olivia Reed