Melbin, Austraya

So, this happened today. It's official. I'm moving abroad. (Jumps up and down, arms in the air like Rocky Balboa)

I can't begin to describe how excited I am. I have been running around work, moon walking and saying hello, in a weird accent, to every one who walks past me. Australia is that much closer. Visa, check. Flight, check. Now to find a home. 

I think I am most eager about being outside of my comfort zone. Living in a new country, not knowing the culture, or the words they use (like 'arvo' is 'afternoon' lol interesting), it's going to be a blast learning new things every day. And that Australian accent! I am already saying 'Melbin' rather than the American way, 'Melbourne.' I am tickled to say the least.

Side-note: I think I am going to create a Vlog. I don't know when but I am going to do it soon. I've been wanting to change the layout of my blog but I might as well change the entire dynamic. Hmm. Yeah. Plus, my weirdness and bubbliness might be fun on camera. And it'll work out perfect for when I'm in Melbourne. 

Toooo-ta-looooo  XOXO


Olivia Reed