If you Live for the Weekends, Your Sh*t is Broken

Living for the Weekend

Wake up, work, go home, eat, sleep, repeat

Living for the weekend to escape your 9-5

Drinking away your problems on Friday and Saturday night

To only paralyze tomorrow with a killer hangover

Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter

How can I make my life look better?

I hate Monday.

I hate wasting my time working at my job.

I hate that I have opportunity and freedom. And money.

Money to dress and drink the way I do.

Thank God it's Friday.

I need a drink...

"Sunday night, after you finish watching your favorite show, you enter a mild depression. Monday morning, your alarm rings and you are filled with dread.

Wednesday is a struggle. Thursday is made more bearable by the upcoming weekend. By mid-afternoon on Friday, you can't focus on work because you're ready to run out of the office.

If the above sounds like you, then your shit is broken." - Gary Vaynerchuk      (Read more)

The first time I read this article, I felt ridiculously inspired. I never looked at life that way and I never realized how true this was about most of society, especially my generation. I thought back to my college years and laughed at how relevant this was. Nobody I was hanging out with stopped to think, 'hey, why don't we push ourselves, outside of school to learn skills, so that we can create our dream jobs. Maybe we can love every day and stop waiting on the weekend to get drunk.'

I was just introduced this year to continuous learning and the ability to love a Tuesday as much as a Saturday. I never considered this because no one I knew was really doing it. Everyone I was surrounding myself with was living the "I hate Monday" lifestyle. Only loving 2-3 days of the week... for your entire life, God, that's depressing to think about! 

I want to love and feel excited to go to work because it makes me feel challenged, grateful, and fulfilled. Maybe the job I am working at now, while I am 23 and living at home, is not exactly my dream job. And sure there are times I feel uninspired and impatient. But I have to remind myself, everyday, that it is only temporary and it's my responsibility to put in the work every day towards acquiring the skills I need to have a career I'll love. It's my job to put in the time.

For my generation: we have to stop feeling bad for ourselves, for working jobs we feel stuck at, and we have to make sacrifices with our time to create lives that we love. Be self aware, self loving, grateful and patient. 

Olivia Reed