Hour of Power

I've been taking time in the morning to connect with myself, rather than obsessing on a list of things I have to accomplish each day for happiness, and it has been a HUGE boost in my mood.

Let me explain: I'm not saying following a routine in the morning, that helps you love yourself and work on yourself is a bad idea, but when you make up a list and find yourself just trying to complete each task so you can move on, it defeats the entire purpose. And that's exactly what I was doing for a few weeks.

I was feeling unfulfilled and couldn't figure out what had changed... I was working out, blogging, and expressing gratitude (three very important things to me) but I still felt disconnected to myself and others. To make a long story short, I wasn't connecting with other people because I wasn't connecting with myself. (Projection - pretty self explanatory.)

I had this lost/something is missing feeling. I realized I was living by a 'to be happy today' list: do this, that, and this and you will be fulfilled. But I felt far from it. Though my intentions were great, I was just running through the motions to feel good about completing the list, not actually connecting or feeling.

I also felt hooked to social media, which always makes me pissed that I'm wasting my time stalking other people's lives.

Turning a new leaf, not waking up to scroll Instagram, and taking the time to work on myself has given me mental energy and motivation to seize my day. I basically wake up to love myself (sounds cheesy but's it's SO real); I mentally prepare myself to be driven, to be grateful, and to love myself and others. I focus my brain on the person I want to be today and I move in a positive direction.

Listening to someone who inspires me to live meaningfully, and helps me think about my life's purpose, is so incredible. Especially when I first wake up! I've been listening to Tony Robbins lately - he's been the mentor I've never had but always wanted. 

Following Tony's Hour of Power

- Get out of bed with a purpose

- Listen to podcast and reflect

- Pray & say the things I am going to be out loud

- Exercise

This is the most recent video I've listened to and I loved it! I recommend listening to it on a long car ride or while you're getting ready in the morning. It will bring value to your day. 

If you don't know who this man is, please look him up! He's been around for a long time and has helped millions of people internationally.

Fun fact: my mother bought Tony's cassette tapes in the late 80's-90's and looked to him when she was trying to find her purpose and meaning in life. Crazy I'm doing the same 25 years later.

Olivia Reed