Focus on Yourself and Life Becomes Easier

I am learning that the more I focus on myself and what I am doing, the more time and energy I have to put into the things I truly want to accomplish in life. AKA, not stressing about other people's shit. DO YOU HONEY BOO BOO. lol

But really, it's nuts how much time and energy people waste worrying about other people's decisions in life. Like, I don't get it. Over the last few weeks, I have found myself caring and even stressing about other people's decisions. Ew, who has time to do that? (insert concerned emoji face)

And today, it hit me: for someone who wants to add so much value to her life, focus on self love, and accomplish her goals, I don't have time to worry about anybody else but me.  Looking at what other people are doing, whether it's critiquing or comparing, is not healthy nor what I want to spend my time doing. And then I thought: if we all decided to spend the time we use to critique others, and to get into other people's business, instead on ourselves and doing things that make us feel good... we would all be much happier and self loving people.

I'm very self aware of who I am and how I make others feel, and realizations like these remind me that I'm human and naturally emotional. Working towards staying in my own bubble, not letting the noise of others affect who I become, is something I have to work on daily. Judgemental, critical, and insecure is not who I want to be.


Olivia Reed