Choosing How to Wake Up

I woke up this morning feeling exhausted. I drove back from Tahoe last night after a long weekend. I could feel that my body was tired. I didn't want to get out of bed. It took me a few minutes to think about positive and exciting things to get my legs to move to the edge of the bed.

I decided I was going to wake up grateful this morning.

  1. Grateful for Bella who ran to me, with a wagging poof-ball tail, as I walked downstairs.
  2. Grateful for Nathan, who gave me those eyes followed by a long squeezing hug.
  3. Grateful for my parents, who continue to give... their love, their home.
  4. And extremely grateful for my willingness to wake up this morning and do the things I need to, to feel good about myself. 

Writing these blogs in the morning, praying, expressing gratitude and exercising, makes me my absolute happiest. I had a wonderful time in Lake Tahoe this weekend; boating, jet skiing, paddle boarding, spending time with good friends. It was incredible! But it feels good to be home and to get back into my routine.

I love traveling around California and exploring new places, but coming back to home-base always feels so good to me. Something about my own bed and all of my things not being shoved in one bag. And treating my body better lol 'Vacation' is always the best excuse to drink and eat junk food (a.k.a two things that make me feel disappointed in my life choices the day after.)

I'm back to my daily grind and I'm ready to prepare for Australia and the things I want to have accomplished for my trip.


Olivia Reed