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Turn your Instagram page into a story telling platform

Investing in Video (aka your LEGACY)

Start sharing your story. Not just your aesthetic.



these aerial table shots & gym poses just aren't cutting it.

Everyone's doing it. You have delicious dishes, or a hot bod, we get it...

But what else do your followers know about you/your business, that makes them feel connected to your brand?

For the random strangers who come across your page and scroll (aka creep) - do your posts align with the vibe and experience they would have if they visited your place? 


Adding Videography to your Page

that won't break your bank & will give you a solid return on your investment

People don't buy what you do, they buy WHY you do it. There are always competitors within reach of your clients, but what's driving them to feel connected to your story? You have only seconds to convey your unique purpose online; it's important you share it as often as possible.

Video expressing your why and showing what's happening at your business (an actual look inside the experience clients have with you), is meaningful to people and creates incentive for them to learn more about you.

Anyone can post 'basic aesthetic photos' & make their Instagram look tasteful, sexy, sleek, etc. However, only posting photos of your product gives your followers a more shallow look inside your business. 

Here are a few examples of stories I've helped people share in the beauty, fitness, and food industries.

How I Work

pap and liv2.jpg

My goal is to deliver quality videos fast and consistently. It's all about giving people a window into your brand that's authentic and feels as if it’s in real-time. 

The video production process:

❀️ 1. I learn everything you want people to understand about your business.

πŸ“ 2. We create a list of videos you want made and map out the shots/people needed.

πŸ“… 3. We set a date, time, and place to film the videos. (may take multiple days depending on shot list)

πŸŽ₯ 4. We film ( all important shots needed - interviews, voiceovers, b-roll, etc)

πŸ’» 5. I edit the videos to verified non-copyright music.

πŸ“² 6. I upload the videos to my cloud account, and send you the link to download your videos!

Services Provided

πŸŽ₯ Video Production

To show you or your business' why; the culture, community, products/services, or to document a special event. 

  1. Short-Informative Video: 30-40 second video to show environment, people, services & products. Multiple shots are edited to music. 
  2. Creative Story Line: 60 second video to tell a meaningful story. Voice over and/or music is used with multiple shots to tell detailed story. 

πŸ“² Consistent Content Creation

I'll create engaging content unique to your brand. Daily or weekly. And feed that content to you or your social media manager. Videos can be made custom for Facebook, Instagram, and Youtube -  as the culture and time spent consuming content varies on each platform. 

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